Sthena is an innovative school and co-curriculum uniform brand in Malaysia specialist in Icefilwrinkle-free school uniform.

Sthena’sIcefilwrinkle-free school uniform is innovated from Japan latest technology.

It is the great choice for today parents. Why? Because it simplifies your work. Most mummy and daddy wanted to have more family time besides work. If you are thinking the same, Sthena is your best choice.

How Sthena Can Help You? Improve your productivity – it is easy to clean, and it won’t get yellowish.

Save your time – You don’t have to iron the uniform because it is WRINKLE-FREE.

Save your cost – You don’t have to spend more money on purchasing uniforms frequently because of its long lifetime.

Make your children comfortable in school –Sthena’sIcefil feature makes your kid feeling cool and more comfortable compared to others school uniforms.

Save Your Time and Cost with Buying Online E-commerce is a trend nowadays. With purchasing at Sthena you can save your time and enjoy delivery services.

We offer you the

Everything can be done at home/from your mobile. There’s no traffic jam and you don’t have to queue up to shop.

If you are worrying about buying wrong sizes/unsatisfied with our products, we offer you a warranty up to 30 days. Within the 30 days, you can return back the product to us for exchanges.

Don’t worry, we provide the FREE return service. You send back the products to us and we will pay the shipping fee.

You will have a member account if you buy at Sthena. As a member, you can enjoy the Premium offers from time to time.

Have you bought the wrinkle-free school uniforms?

PS. Sthenais a brand new eCommerce website and operating physical store. For more products available, kindly visit our official website to see what we have.

You may contact us via phone or email for further details. Thank you.